Cartagena means Caribbean. Its walls and colonial architecture, its living streets full of stories told on the beautiful door handles and balconies, the joy of its people, the flavours and colors, make it an ideal city to wander for hours, to taste and enjoy the diversity that exists between the ocean and history.

You can find magical characters on every corner: atemporary, joyful and emblematic: palenqueras carrying fruit or sweets on their heads, taciturn writers, smiley vendors, casual street performers who transmit rithm with loud music. The solemn castle, acting as a fortress, encapsules the real human patrimony. You breathe cultutre, craftsmanship, gastronomy, tradition and hapiness. During the day, life adapts to the heat and humidity and time passes by slowly; at night, it is a completely different story: nightlife is glitzy and flavourful.

Of course, one cannot ignore the privilege Cartagena has on its shores: fresh seafood is taken advantage of at every level: Cartagena is ceviche. Find it on the streets, in sunshielded terraces, at the market; do not leave without savouring it: it will hunt you. Try fresh fish by the beaches, submerge yourself in the pleasure that a shelfillsh stew tastes like.

The streets also belong to the traditional cooks embodied in smiling faces: they proudly prepare the most sublime fried snacks from the coast: you can taste them at every possible time you want, either for breakfast or after a night out partying: they will taste like heaven. Bite into and fall in love with arepa e’ huevo, a corn fritter filled with egg and meat, or a soft yuca carimañola. If they sound delicious and comforting, is because indeed they are.

Be it on the head of a palenquera or on the street markets, there is an abundante of tropical fruit; fresh cut into bites, in fresh juices, popsicles or gelattos, they sweep the streets and aromatize the city at every moment of the day. They are the best medicine for the heat: do try corozo, lulo, mamey or níspero, their taste will travel with you forever.

Cartagena is particularly proud of its delicacies and unique dishes; it has a traditional sweets passage where you can combine every possible flavour; it has a market full of regional colour, but above all, it is home to cooks from the heart. As much so on the street as in top-notch restaurants, the cooks offer you abundant and warm food, generous. At night, after living the joy of its historic streets or a beautiful day at the beach, it is ideal to sit back and enjoy the flavours. No foodie will want to leave such hapiness behind.