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Africa´s contribution towards Caribbean culture is apparent in our speech, in music, dance and what we eat, its legacy travels throughout us in a transversal manner, particularly in the everyday life of two territories of Colombia where its influence stayed to enrich life with an exquisite patrimony: Cartagena, the main slave port of colonial America, and San Basilio de Palenque, the first free nation in America.

Africans planted our fields with black headed beans, okra, yams, sesame and tamarind. Black women marveled us with their elaborate preparations and the exoticism of their ingredients to inherit us with a diverse recipe book; they revealed the use of plantain and coconut, introduced cooking utensils as widely spread as deep sauté pans and taught us new culinary techniques such as deep frying, slow cooked sofritos, and the pounding of beans and raw sugar (panela) which gave birth to local versions of African recipes that are still used today in Cartagena’s tables and palenqueras four centuries later.

Africa also left us their own way of cooking: an intuitive culinary filled with personal seasoning, transmitted to us by mouth, from generation to generation, which we all learned, no matter our race, to preserve the ethnical flavors that define us.

What you’ll live
Explore the third root of our culture through four preparations of African origin, kept in the cooking annals of two heritages of humanity: Cartagena, Historical and Cultural Heritage landmark, and San Basilio de Palenque, Oral Master Piece and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, where the best cooking book in the world was written and awarded by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards of 2013.

Learn the origins of our plates with its original names in African and palenquero, a creole language derived from Spanish with words in the bantú, kikongo and Kimbundu languages. We will play, and even dance, an African song playlist that has influenced champeta, the ultimate genre of Cartagena, which Shakira made trending topic in her last Superbowl show appearance.

Our adventure
Celebrate with us the language, music, dance and African flavors in Colombia’s Caribbean cuisine:

  • Lear the African techinique to prepare the “akara”, a very popular Nigerian bite, famous throughout the fried food stalls in Cartagena.
  • Travel to Zanzibar and stew a fish in a “mchuzi” of coconut juice. Learn the mixture of our own creole curry, and the story behind the book that earned its place in the world’s greatest cookbooks in 2013.
  • Prepare the local version of “fu fu” gnahes, and ode to the flavors revealed to us by Africans that are an essential part of our traditional cooking.
  • Discover the American ingredient that became a Senegalese gastronomy superstar and its transformation back home, becoming one of the most distinguished sweets in San Basilio de Palenque.

You’re special!
Our classes are one-on-one cooking workshops, so you can always have your microphone on and ask as many questions and comments. We limit the class capacity to small groups to guarantee an intimate experience and encourage the conversation among all participants. It’s a social event!

Who will enjoy it
Everyone will love it, specially foodies interested in world's local gastronomy, travelers, people in love with Latin American culture, and Colombians nostalgic about their own recipes.

What to prepare:
Your apron, the ingredients, a notebook to write in, stories to share and good vibes.

How to connect:
Use your cellphone, Tablet or PC to connect form your kitchen. The link will be provided via email along with a list of ingredients and suggested cooking tools.

Tax exemption:
Every foreign client needs to present a valid copy of their passport before we begin our experience to access the tax exemption, which is not included in this page. In case you are unable to provide it, you will be charged 19%.

Colombian citizens: Every Colombian must pay 19% tax.

What’s included
Take note
Why Foodies?

Colombian Caribbean Cuisine.

Restrictions: This menu is suitable for lactose intolerant or gluten allergy diners. Vegetarians and vegans can replace fish with their favorite plant-based protein.

What’s included
  • Food Concierge. The experience will be guided by a chef specialized in Caribbean Cuisine.
  • Step by step cooking class where you’ll prepare:
    • Mbola ri Nfrijo? (bean fritter)
    • Pekao Nguisao ku koko (fish stewed in coconut juice)
    • Kabesa ri Ngato (Cat’s head, a fritter made with platain and crackling)
    • Koka ri Nguba? (Peanut cocada)

Participants must:

  • Guarantee having the ingredients and utensils which will be previously informed by email. (we will provide alternatives and substitutions).
  • Organize the space and materials beforehand to partake at the experience’s pace.
  • You can cook with everyone at home from your electronic device: our recipes will be for two, you can easily multiply the ingredients for the amount you desire.
  • If everyone at home wants to participate, great! We just ask only one person per device ask or comment at a time, so we can answer accordingly, let everyone in the class participate and respect the times given for the recipes.
Take note

Age: 18 and over.

Cancelation policy:
Gift vouchers and online experiences are non-refundable once purchased, so please choose carefully. Gift vouchers will be extended from their written due date on discretion, and only if requested prior to expiry date.

Keep in mind before booking your experience:
If Foodies is forced to cancel a booked experience, any prior payments will be fully refunded.

Why foodies?

We love what we do

We are a boutique agency focused on what we love and do best: eat and create gastronomic experiences. That is why Foodies does not provide aerial or hotel services. We want food to remain our only passion.

We know where to eat

We eat in Bogotá and Cartagena 24/7 and we know where to find what you’re looking for, be it a luxury dinner at a secret location, a cooking class or that delicious street food bite everyone’s talking about.

We love details

We take care of every little detail in our experiences because we know they make a difference, they have taken us to accomplish the unthinkable: becoming the most awarded gastronomic tour agency in Colombia. So form here on, thank you!.

Small Print:
  • Dollar value is an approximation. The exact charge in foreign currency will be informed in your bank statement.
  • The duration of the tour may vary depending on the degree of participation of the group at each stop.
  • Our tours operate in spanish or english. For tours in other languages please email us: hola@foodies.com.co
  •  For custom-tailored tours, different dates and hours than offered, please email us: hola@foodies.com.co
  • Know our Shopping terms
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