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Getsemaní, or Jet-Set-Mani is the fancy place to eat and party in Cartagena. Its spots are booked in advance by foodies and avid party goers who want to experience cutting edge places and tradition… Those of us who ate lucky to have experienced it, know it hides true unmissables: that photogenic location you’ve seen dozens of times on Instagram, the restaurant everyone is talking about, the bar that Hillary made irresistible to anyone willing to dive into the vibrant party scene… on its streets, the local spirit is overwhelmingly present, it is served green mango carts, popular food posts, and you can live it every day at the square that worships the sunset. Hurry up and get ready to check in at the best places in town!

What you’ll live
You’ll tour one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods (Forbes 2018) and discover an eclectic architecture where colonial walls and majestic manors coexist with a more modern cosmopolitan and carefree spirit, filled with rhythm. On the road, admire barrio life surging between the narrow streets decorated with colorful hanging umbrellas, international flags, and colorful murals. It is a destination to savor popular Cartagena and taste the booming Caribbean in creative signature dishes and, of course, the best mojitos in town. Experience along with us this second chance this old suburb has earned and turn it into a new motive to always want to come back.

Our adventure
Visit three of the hotspots in the heart of Getsemaní and taste the most craved flavors:

  • Contemporary plates inspired by the abundance of tropical ingredients in the cuisine of Cartagena with a small touch of Spanish influence. The location couldn’t be dreamier: an exquisitely decorated colonial house, with antiques and decorative objects that embellish but are also all for sale.
  • Avowed by the 50 Best Latin America as the One to watch, we enter a menu that celebrates Caribbean culture as very few restaurants could or would do: with rigorous research that earned them recognition. Get your palate and your camera ready: you’ll taste and picture unexpected beauty in their dishes.
  • A hall inspired by Celia Cruz’s Cuba, mixes its sounds with those form Cartagena’s salsa in an ambience toned by refreshing mojitos and live music. The line is always there and with reason: it’s the best party in town.

Where we go:
Doña Lola, Celele and Havana. *Subject to change without notice.

Who will enjoy it
Everyone will love it specially foodies interested in exploring the different expressions of Colombian Caribbean cuisine, local food lovers, cooks, photographers and travelers who love to see and be seen.

What you should bring
A willing palate. Dress casually, bring comfy shoes and a camera.

Covid-19 protocols/actions
We will take your temperature and everyone’s in the group before we begin the experience. Please wear a mask (mandatory) and gloves (optional) learn here how we take care of each other.

Tax exemption:
Every foreign client needs to present a valid copy of their passport before we begin our experience to access the tax exemption, which is not included in this page. In case you are unable to provide it, you will be charged 19%.

Colombian citizens: Every Colombian must pay 19% tax.

What’s included
Take note
Why Foodies?

New Colombian Caribbean Cuisine.

Restrictions: This experience is designed to discover the flavors of each restaurant, and its authentic preparations, therefore we cannot guarantee a 100% vegan, lactose intolerant or gluten free menu. To request a vegetarian menu or inform us of different intolerances, we appreciate you notify in the comments during the reservation process, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you. If we cannot, we are sorry for the inconveniences.

What’s included
  • Food Concierge.
  • 3 step menu: appetizer, main course and dessert.
  • Drinks: 1 beer, 1 glass of wine, 1 water bottle or coffee and 1 cocktail.
  • Meet and greet cooks and owners.
  • Foodies journal so you can relieve your experience at home.


  • The menu is generous, we recommend a light breakfast.
  • Alcoholic drinks can be replaced.

Not Included: transportation or unspecified services.

Take note

Age: 18 and over.

Distance: 500m in 3 stops.

Weather: We also tour with rain. Please bring a raincoat/umbrella if the weather suggests so.

Meeting point: the meeting point will be informed/agreed during your checkout process.

Cancelation policy:

  • 100% return if your cancelation is received 30 days or longer prior to departure date.
  • 70% return if your cancelation is received 29 days or less prior to departure date.
  • 50% return if your cancelation is received 15 days or less prior to departure date.
  • 0% return if your cancelation is received 7 days or less prior to departure date.

Things to note before booking tours:

  • Gift vouchers and online experiences are non-refundable once purchased, so please choose carefully. Gift vouchers will be extended from their written due date on discretion, and only if requested prior to expiry date.
  • If Foodies is forced to cancel a booked tour, any prior payments will be fully refunded.
  • Foodies operate in all weather, though reserves the right to alter or amend an itinerary if circumstances require.

Why foodies?

We love what we do

We are a boutique agency focused on what we love and do best: eat and create gastronomic experiences. That is why Foodies does not provide aerial or hotel services. We want food to remain our only passion.

We know where to eat

We eat in Bogotá and Cartagena 24/7 and we know where to find what you’re looking for, be it a luxury dinner at a secret location, a cooking class or that delicious street food bite everyone’s talking about.

We love details

We take care of every little detail in our experiences because we know they make a difference, they have taken us to accomplish the unthinkable: becoming the most awarded gastronomic tour agency in Colombia. So form here on, thank you!.

Small Print:
  • Dollar value is an approximation. The exact charge in foreign currency will be informed in your bank statement.
  • The duration of the tour may vary depending on the degree of participation of the group at each stop.
  • Our tours operate in spanish or english. For tours in other languages please email us:
  •  For custom-tailored tours, different dates and hours than offered, please email us:
  • Know our Shopping terms
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Plato pulpo celele
Postre celele
Restaurante Havana Cartagena
Ceviches dona lola

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